Hockey Training

hockeyDirector: Matt Cady MS, CSCS, Precision Nutrition, USAW, FMS

Matt has been in Strength and Conditioning since 2005 when he won a National Championship with the University of Denver Hockey team as an assistant. He has trained dozens of athletes who went on to play professionally in the NHL, MLB, and NFL. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Sports Studies from Miami University, and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Studies from Miami University. He has also trained the US Army Green Berets as a Tactical Human Performance Specialist.



Hockey players can train specifically the way they play the game –wearing their skates! Millions of dollars has been poured into research and development for this program to guarantee the most scientifically sound results oriented training possible. With the use of the Skating Treadmill and video analysis, the training center staff can analyze a skater’s mechanics and correct general skating flaws.

Upicture1nique benefits of the Hockey Program include:

  • Maximize skating power
  • Optimizing the skater’s body awareness
  • Dynamic sprint speed improvement
  • Overall conditioning
  • Specific training to the lower abdomen and groin regions
  • Improved body composition




This is individualized sports performance training using the best trainers, equipment, facilities and protocols available anywhere. There can be up to five people training/hour but only one athlete works at a time.


Individual Hockey Training:

  • All programs include: a Pre-Evaluation, Hockey Treadmill, Plyometrics, Shooting, and Post-Evaluations.
  • Session breakdown: 20-minutes plyometrics, 40 minutes on Hockey Treadmill6833520-ice-hockey-wallpaper
  • Group Discounts are available when athletes complete their Pre-Evaluation at the same time.For two athletes, save 10% on each program.
    • For three athletes, save 15% on each program.
    • For four or more athletes, save 20% on each program.
  • An optional customized weight training is available.


We are able to teach proper skating mechanics in a unique way that will help the athletes for the rest of their life. The speed development is done on our inclined treadmill where the athletes perform short bouts of exercise that replicate the energy requirements of sport. Our experienced coaches are able to correct the athletes form easily because we are able to see all angles of the athlete and give immediate corrective feedback.


Individual Pricing Options

Single Hockey Session: $50 

Sessions Packages:

  • 10-Session: $350
  • 20-Session: $640

Monthly Programs:

  • 3 Month 2x Week: $225/month
  • 3 Month Unlimited: $310/month
  • 6 Month 2x Week: $200/month
  • 3 Month Unlimited: $270/month

Team Hockey Training

Customized sessions for your teams can include any combination of:

  • Hockey Treadmill
  • Plyometrics & Strength Training
  • Shooting/Stick Handling
  • Sessions typically run 1 1/2-2 hours


For customized Team Training packages contact us at 248-669-9818!



“I trained at Total Performance with Matt Cady this summer and have never felt better going into a training camp or preseason! The combination of strength training, skating treadmill and off ice shooting and stick handling was perfect.”

-Austin Morgan (Springfield Junior Blues, NAHL)


“I spent four years at Miami University training under Matt, in season and in the summer. Not only did I learn how to properly train but my numbers in the weight room grew drastically. The great thing about Matt is how well the training translates to on ice play. Not only did my numbers in the weight room grow but my stats on the ice consistently grew every year. As one of the many players training under Matt as a team we won several championships, and a big part of those championships comes from the physical aspect we could bring to every game.”

-Andy Miele (Philadelphia Flyers, Hobey Baker Award Winner)


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