How the High Speed Treadmill is Used at Total Performance

People often ask how we develop speed so effectively at Total Performance.  The real answer is a little complex, but it basically comes down to three things:

  1. Create more force (get stronger)
  2. Apply that force faster than before (power training)
  3. Apply the force in the right direction (technique/mechanics)

We use a variety of training tools in our system, and each one has a purpose.  Some people wonder how the high speed (green) treadmill is used in our program.  Watch this short video where TPTC Director Jim Kielbaso explains how it is integrated into our proven training programs:

Of course this treadmill is just one small part of our system.  If you’d like more information on how we develop speed & athleticism, give us a call at 248-669-9818, email Jim at and take some time to explore our website.




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