Individualized Performance Training

Speed and Agility Training

Programs average 1-3 days per week (dependent on program), but all programs are individualized.  The programs are broken into packages of sessions or monthly programs with the first and last day consisting of pre and post-evaluations.

This is an individualized sports performance training using the best trainers, equipment, facilities and protocols available anywhere.  There can be up to five people training/hour with each coach but programs are individualized.

In a typical program, a mix of incline treadmill running, agility, plyometrics and acceleration work are used to develop optimal movement patterns and explosive power.  We are able to teach proper sprinting mechanics in a unique way that will help an athlete for the rest of his/her life.  The speed development is done on out inclined treadmills where the athletes perform short bouts of exercise that replicate the energy requirements of sport.  Our experienced coaches are able to correct the athletes form easily because, while running in front of a mirror, we are able to see all angles of the athlete and give immediate corrective feedback.  Thus, proper form can drastically enhance speed, both initially and long term.

Most programs also include plyometrics, power, quickness and multi-directional agility work. We use drills to enhance starting, stopping, and change of direction to give the athlete optimal foot quickness.

Scheduling is flexible; you pick your days and times. Sessions last about an hour to an hour and a half, including the strength training workout. Optimally, you want a day between sessions to fully recover from the training. It is best to schedule in advance to make sure you get the days and times you want. For most programs, we give you 10 weeks to finish your program which allows extra time in case of illness, vacations, etc.
RunningResults… We get an average of .2 seconds off the 40yd-Dash and Pro-Shuttle, and a 1-4 inch increase on the Vertical Jump.

Athletes also get huge strength gains from our individualized routines. These results make a big difference on the field or court, allowing for faster speed of play, greater stamina, and better overall athleticism. Strength training programs are developed for each athlete after the initial evaluation, and are given to the athlete as “homework.” Youth athletes will complete strength training exercises that are safe, make their bones stronger and help them develop neuromuscular control. Athletes are personally walked through their first two days of weight training and are thereafter supervised from a distance and guided by our Electric Coach software system. Trainers are always available for questions and feedback. The strength training program is FREE- it’s a complementary addition to the program.

Running is an element of nearly every sport. Just two quick phrases summarize our goal: Move faster—run longer! However, there are actually key component objectives essential to meeting this general goal.

Incline running on the treadmill allows specific development of the key factors associated with acceleration, optimizing both the training effect and the training area. Forward acceleration can only be developed from a certain point in your stride to toe off. That’s why incline capabilities help each athlete learn and maintain knee drive, proper pelvic and trunk position, forceful contraction of the lower extremity, optimal stride length and properly coordinated upper extremity movement. Our high-speed treadmill also allows for specific neuromuscular recruitment and synaptic response.

Increase Maximum Sprint Speed

Athletes will reach optimal speed by increasing the two components of speed: stride length and stride frequency. Stride length increases through improvements in strength and flexibility; stride frequency increases by the selective recruitment of neuromuscular pathways.

Increase Anaerobic Tolerance

By increasing lactate tolerance and lactate clearance capacity, athletes gain the ability to maintain maximum speed for a longer duration or for repeated bouts without decreasing speed. Recovery times have been noted to be reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Increase Anaerobic Base for Long Distance Running

The distance running protocols are for 800 to 1500 meter and 3k to 10k. These protocols were designed to precisely train endurance runners with Frappier Acceleration Sports Training technology and to be as specific to race distance as possible. Endurance training needs to have an aerobic base and enhancement of this base should lead to greater success in long distance running.

Increased Proprioception, Improved Body Composition & Enhanced Self-Esteem

Gains in each of these areas come directly or indirectly from completing the Frappier Acceleration Running Program. And each, in turn, can contribute to an athlete’s gain in speed and overall success.


Safety of the athlete is #1. Athletes train in a controlled environment allowing trainers to inform them of the specific drills prior to beginning. They are under adult supervision during training sessions and are always spotted when running on the Super Treadmill. The Super Treadmill has a subsurface designed from interchangeable polymers that provides additional shock absorption. The treadmill also has a specially-designed spotting mechanism and handlebar for backward running. A safety harness is also used when the athlete is backpedaling.


When you train on the Frappier Acceleration programs, you not only will improve your conditioning to a higher level, but you also improve your quickness, balance, agility and overall athletic performance. The average athlete results are a 2-4 inch increase in vertical jump, a 50% reduction in recovery rates, and a decrease of .20 of a second in a 40-yard sprint.

Baseball/Softball Performance Training

We’ve created individualized Baseball/Softball programs that includes acceleration, plyometrics, and baseball specific strength training.  Our baseball players focus on speed and plyometric training that is going to train their acceleration out of the box and help them snag those hard hit balls that are usually out of reach. The comprehensive training program is also aimed toward increasing throwing velocity and bat speed. The first hour of training is focused on acceleration and agility.  The time after that is going to be devoted towards the strength training. One of the most beneficial proponents of participating in this program is reducing the risk of the common shoulder injuries associated with overhead throwing sports.  It’s also great to finally beat out those ground balls that are usually outs, and turn them into hits.

Basketball Performance Training 

Basketball players need to be agile and powerful if they are going to compete at high levels.  At Total Performance we train several components, as needed, to get players performing at the top of their ability at every competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing at an AAU tournament every weekend or it’s High School, the competition is getting better every year.  Our Basketball players work on those first steps used to accelerate past defenders or cut in front of someone driving.  Our jump training is developed using The Vertimax to safely and efficiently over-load their jumps.  Like many of our other sport specific programs,  an individualized strength training workout for basketball players is implemented to increase the training variables associated with success on the court. 

Football and Combine Performance Training 

Football CombineFootball players need to be agile, strong, and powerful. Our Football specific training focuses on improving top-end speed, acceleration, agility, muscular endurance (Being able to perform in the 4th quarter), and mobility. To improve top-end speed and acceleration our football players train sprint intervals on our Speed Treamill and our Force Treadmill. Also, during the first hour we work on acceleration, agility, and footwork which includes cone drills, ladders and platform hops along with plyometrics which include vertimax, box jumps, med ball throws, and hurdles to increase explosivness. During the last half hour weightlifting is performed which helps increase overall strength and explosive pose. The strength training will be slightly different if you lift weights are your school you will be doing our power development and core strength program. 


Lacrosse Performance Training 

The lacrosse program at Total Performance focuses on increasing size, strength, power, speed, agility and endurance. During the first hour of the training session we take lacrosse athletes through intense treadmill and plyometric workouts to increase explosive power and power endurance. These athletes are than put through a specific weightlifting program which will help increase size, strength and power.






Soccer Performance TrainingSoccer

The Soccer program at Total Performance focuses on increasing explosive power, muscular endurance and improving agility. During the first part of the session we work on the speed treadmill, force treadmill and also perform agility drills and plyometrics.  Once they are done with the first part of their session they then perform their weight lifting program specific to soccer. This will help correct muscle imbalances because soccer athletes are prone to developing stronger quads than hamstrings.  This program also helps decrease other injuries as well.


Tennis Performance Training 

For tennis players it is very important to have good speed, quickness, and agility on the court.  At Total Performance we focus on increasing these components as well as increasing anaerobic endurance. We take these athletes through an hour of intense treadmill sessions, plyometrics, agility drills, and acceleration drills. When they are finished with their speed and agility workout we then put them through individualized strength training program that focuses on wrist extensor strengthening and other exercises that help prevent tennis elbow and other injuries.

Track and Field Performance Training

ForceFor track/field athletes and distance runners we focus on increasing speed, power, hip strength, aerobic endurance and most importantly improving running technique and starts.

During the training session track athletes will focus most of their time on our high speed treadmill and force treadmill. During treadmill workouts we are able to focus on technique as well as working on increasing stride length and frequency. As a runner, it is very important to have correct technique. Correct technique allows runners to decrease their times as well as decrease the energy they are using while running. Simple things like running on the balls of your feet or correcting bad habits with arm swing could be just what you need in order to decrease your times. While on the high speed treadmills we work incline running which forces the athletes to run on the balls of their feet and increases hip strength and driving the knees. If we are not on the high speed treadmill we train on the force treadmill which will help increase knee drive and force production which increases speed. Plyometrics are also performed during each workout which will help increase explosiveness for starts as well as increasing power for running and jumping.  At the end of each training session we then give the athletes individualized weight lifting sheets which will be geared towards track.

VballVolleyball Performance Training 

As a volleyball athlete it is very important to be explosive, quick, and agile on the court. Here at Total Performance we offer training programs that will increase explosive power, vertical jump, stamina, and speed and agility on the court. Our main focus is mainly increasing strength and power endurance and reducing the incidence of injuries. Volleyball players are put through a series of plyometric workouts
which include box jumps, medicine ball throws, vertimax, and line jumps. Also included in the workouts are speed workouts on either the high speed treadmill or force treadmill where we can also work on increasing side shuffle speed.  Both of these treadmills will help increase power and quickness. Once we are finished with the first part of the workout we then create individualized weight workouts for the athletes which are specific to volleyball.





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