Erik Condra

“I have used the treadmill to tweak and lengthen my stride with skating coach Gordie Schaeffler.  I have spent countless hours stick handling and shooting pucks on the synthetic ice upstairs.  Working with Jim and the other trainers to come up with hockey specific workouts, I have used the combination of the weight room and field house to become stronger, quicker, and more explosive.  The experience of the trainers has helped me recognize and work on weaknesses and imbalances in my body to prevent injuries.  Total Performance will push you to limits mentally and physically.  It’s your choice if you are going to make the most of it, or not…Total Performance has allowed me to take my game to the next level and make the jump to the next level.”

-Erick Condra, Ottawa Senators




Kyle Lawson“I’ve been training at Total Performance since middle school, and I believe this place played a big role in my hockey career.  I’ve gotton to play for the US National Development Training Program, Notre Dame, and now the pros and I don’t think all of that would have happened without Total Performance.  I recommend this place to and hockey player who wants to maximize his/her hockey potential.”

-Kyle Lawson, Florida Everglades ECHL


Paris Lenon

“I’ve worked out at a number of Athletic Republic sites over the years.  When I came to Detroit, I immediately found Total Performance.  I’ve been working out here for about 3 years.  I like it because it is truly an environment for athletes to improve and work on certain skills that are necessary for whatever sport they play.  I’d suggest it to anyone who wants to improve athletically.  They should really check out Total Performance.”

– Paris Lenon, Arizona Cardinals


“Being in the NFL and CFL means playing at the highest level and being at the best of your game.  That’s what we get here at Total Performance.  I’ve been here for 2 years and I can expect nothing but the best.  I’ve learned a lot, I’ve trained a lot.  I’m loving it and I’m going to keep on training at Total Performance Training Center.”

– Ricky Bryant, NFL Player


“My son finished up his second session with Total Performance last night. It was truly bitter/sweet for him.I want to let you know the experience with the total performance facility and the trainers/staff was excellent. If we were not driving 1 hour each way, we’d sign up for more sessions.In Nov, both our children did the 14 session plan, which, of course was excellent. We signed our daughter up for soccer training at Wixom so our son asked to do another session w/total performance. The program is excellent, works, and we saw/see vast improvements with both of our children.Most importantly, the trainers/staff at total performance need recognition. The professionalism and sincerity cannot be beat. The trainers relate to the athletes on a personal level and provide encouragement, motivation, drive, and friendship. My son’s self esteem has vastly improved as well. We really think the entire staff is excellent, but big kudos go out to Freddie, Aaron and Lindsay. These 3 individuals were a pleasure to work with. Sure with you had a facility in the Lansing area.”

– Brenda Young


“I have watched my daughter do the training and have seen the results. I am absolutely without a doubt sold on the program. My daughter has increased her speed and endurance. I have watched her ability to run across the soccer field and catch an opponent, where in the past she was not able to succeed. The trainers make it fun and she likes coming and doing the training. All the trainers have been very good; however I would specifically like to mention Adam who they absolutely adore. My daughter has requested to sign up for another session. My son who is 14 years old has watched his younger sister train and was interested in trying the program. He has done about four sessions and I can see his running style improving also. I just wanted you to know how very pleased my children and I are with your program. Keep up the excellent work.

– Karen R. Peper RN, MSN, CFNP


“People always told us we were too small and too slow to play soccer at the top level. Well, after five State Cups, two Regional Titles and back-to-back high school State Championships, we now start on the Division I Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers. We owe a lot to Jim, Anne and everyone at Total Performance. Because of our hard work there and their proven system ( Athletic Republic ). No one says we’re too slow or too small anymore!”

– Katie & Kellie Walker, Western Kentucky University Soccer Team


“My daughter is a 10 year old who participates in travel basketball and softball. She started training in the Youth Acceleration program for 12 and under with the hopes of increasing her speed and agility and help in preventing future injuries. Even though I’ve been involved with sports my whole life, because of my daughter’s age, I wanted to leave the training to someone who not only had the knowledge to help her achieve the above goals, but was also well versed in how to properly train a still-growing athlete. Not only did my daughter improve in all areas she was tested in, she actually wants to continue with the training. Watching her workouts, I was amazed that despite how hard she was working, she still had a smile on her face. We are already seeing results from the training she received. More importantly, due to the ability of the Total Performance staff to teach and encourage an athlete this age, my daughter’s self-esteem and confidence are at an all-time high.”

– David Fields


“In my first season as head coach at Canton, I wanted to make sure our team was ready when the season began. The decision to bring the entire team to Total Performance for the summer was easy to make; they have the best trainers and programs available, and I knew they would have the team prepared. We had a great season, ending the year ranked #4 in the state, and I can’t thank Total Performance enough for the role they played. We will definitely be back.”

– George Tomasso, Head Soccer CoachCanton High 2011 Michigan State Champions


“Our athletes came to our spring season workouts having benefited greatly from your conditioning and strength training program; all of our ballplayers showed significant progress from our fall testing. I would enthusiastically recommend your training methods to all motivated athletes, and especially encourage your Team Training program, which not only improved performance, but helped to foster the team chemistry so vitally necessary to compete at a higher level.”

– Stu Rose, Head Baseball Coach, Henry Ford Community College


“Total Performance has exceeded any expectations I had. The staff has been professional, concerned about safety and very supportive. I would recommend this facility to anyone.”

 – Kathy Gorski


“My son truly feels like part of the “Total Performance Family.” We are about to complete our 3rd 6-week session, and we are very pleased with how far he has improved in speed and agility.”

– Karen Mazurek


“My daughter did the Acceleration program for quickness and upper body strength. After completing the program, her basketball team had a team camp and the difference was unbelievable! Thank you, Total Performance.”

– Ric Crouse


“We have recommended Total Performance to individuals and for my daughter’s team to take advantage of the benefits gained from this training. The program was priced very competitively when compared to other fitness programs.”

– Debbie Sweetapple


“My daughters, ages 12 & 15, had a truly positive and productive experience at Total Performance. Besides the actual physical improvement that was achieved, they both had tremendous boosts in their self-confidence, which shows on and off the field. Although the cost seemed like a lot, when I broke it down to cost per hour, it was very reasonable! We will continue to participate in programs at Total Performance and would recommend it to others!”

– Judy Keyes

“My son has trained with you many times over the years.  He just graduated from Walled Lake Central yesterday, just thought I would give you a shout out and let you know that you and your staff has done an incredible job.  the intense training you put him through helped keep him at the top of all his sports through high school.  He reached his athletic goals and had confidence in himself even when a game was going bad.  Thanks for your time and effort into the kids who come to you.  Thanks for caring.”

-Mary Timmons

“We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us and let you know how much your training program has helped us. Your staff pushed us hard and we enjoyed their optimism. Somehow, you make the difficult parts of being an athlete (running, lifting weights, etc.) more fun. The results we got from your program speak for themselves. As a team, we are now faster, stronger, more agile and more resistant to injury than we ever have been without you. In practice, we can now train harder and longer because we are in such great shape. We truly appreciate what you have done for us during our preseason training program. It was worth every penny, and we’ll definitely be back.”

– Henry Ford Community College Baseball Team


“Thank you for contributing to the success of the Brighton Girl’s Soccer team. The off-season conditioning program you put our team through had the girls in better shape than they have ever been coming into the season. All of the girls agreed that they were in great shape, felt faster, and were able to play harder because of your program. We made it to the State Finals after working with you, and I’m convinced that Total Performance played a part in getting us there. I have told a lot of coaches how pleased I was with the results, and I would recommend your facility and programs to anyone. We will definitely be back.”

– Deepak Shivramen – Head Soccer Coach Brighton High School


“Both of my daughters went through programs at Total Performance. They are both ODP level soccer players and very competitive. One did the Acceleration program and the other did the ACL Bridge program to rehab the ACL tear in her left knee.I’ve seen huge improvements in both of them, and I’m very pleased with their progress. I wish I could keep this a secret so we could have an advantage over the competition, but I would recommend this training to anyone.”

– Steve Kassab

“First, I just want you to know how impressed I am with your program. My son has totally transformed into a conditioned athlete that I thought was never going to happen. He has improved not only with conditioning and his running, but your entire staff supported him to feel great about himself. Words will never express my humble gratitude for the way Max was taken care of every moment he worked out. The changes in him are truly amazing. As a Senior at St. Mary’s, you helped him be in the condition he needed to be in all four years of high school and I am very grateful. Josh a freshman played JV Prep hockey and Gordie helped Josh strengthen his skills to be a faster and stronger skater. His hectic schedule was difficult to get there on a regular basis but when he could make it he worked out hard. He transferred his ability from the treadmill to the ice and is a strong competitor. Gordie really helped Josh establish personal goals for his hockey career at St. Mary’s and he is reaching all of them. I think your program is amazing, your staff connects well with the kids and you set realistic goals for athletes to conquer. I want to express my sincere appreciation for all your help, your staff who made my boys feel a part of your team and for making my two boys stronger, healthier, and mentally ready for life. If there is anything we can do, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your program is wonderful and I am still amazed in what you did for my boys. Thank you.”


– Mary Kaye Neuman

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