TPTC Fall Special Nov. 13-15

Total Performance Annual Fall Special Nov. 13-15, 2017

Save hundreds of dollars by signing up from Nov. 13-15.  This fall we’re offering the three options below.  You can register online right now, then call us to set up your evaluation at 248-669-9818.

Option #1:  27% off a 20-session Performance Training Program (12+ years old) ***Save $170***  

Get a 20-session Performance Training Program package for just $475 – normally $645.  Programs are customized to meet the specific needs of each athlete.  Scheduling is done by appointment and very flexible.  This is the best option for athletes 12 and over who want to improve their speed, agility, strength, mobility, and endurance.  Every program is customized to meet your needs.

All programs start with a comprehensive evaluation to determine each athlete’s needs and goals. Depending on the results of the evaluation, training will include a combination of speed development, running mechanics instruction, agility work, plyometrics & power training, flexibility/mobility, conditioning, and strength training.

Scheduling is done by appointment, so it is very flexible. Coaches hold degrees in the field, have experience training athletes and hold multiple certifications from nationally recognized organizations.

You have a full year to use all 20 sessions, so you’ll have plenty of time to get all of the training done.

Choose your option from the drop-down menu and buy now.  If you’d like a payment plan, please call to sign up.

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Option 2:  27% off a 20-session Youth Performance Program (8-11 years old) ***Save$130***

Get a 20-session Youth Performance Program package for only $330 – normally$450. The program focuses on speed, agility, motor development, coordination, core strength, mobility and all-around athleticism in a fun environment that builds confidence as much as athleticism.  This is the only program of it’s kind in the area.  The YPP meets every weeknight at 6:00 PM.  We recommend two sessions per week, and you get to choose which days you’d like each week.

The program is run by experienced coaches trained specifically to work with young athletes through the International Youth Conditioning Association.

You have a full year to use all 20 sessions, so you’ll have plenty of time to use all of the sessions.

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Option #3:  Hockey Training Package – Buy 10 sessions, get 5 free!  ***Save $175***

The Total Performance Hockey Training Program is the most effective training program for hockey players in the area.  It includes strength training, shooting/stickhandling, and work on the hockey treadmill.  Our hockey treadmill is different than any other in the area, and used in a different way than anyone else.  We focus on stride mechanics and power output through the use of incline skating and our proven coaching techniques.  Lead by coach Matt Cady, you will skate faster, shoot harder and play stronger than ever before.  This program is for both male & female hockey players 8 and up.

The 10-session Hockey Training package is $350, and you have a full year to use all of the sessions.

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To take advantage of this 3-day special, call or stop by Nov. 14-16th at our Wixom location inside Total Sports Complex 248-669-9818.

Once you register, please call to set up your evaluation at 248-669-9818.  You will NOT get an immediate confirmation of purchase since this is going through PayPal.

All of these programs are ongoing, so you DON’T HAVE TO START training when you sign up during the special.

These deals are only available during the 3-day special Nov. 13-15th.

Call or stop in to create a payment plan.

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